Saturday, February 27, 2010

Look At Maria Ozawa Beautiful Face

Here is a figure that makes so many people to wonder, why did Maria Ozawa desperate to be an adult movie star?. In fact, She has something that has a high selling value, so it is very possible for Maria Ozawa to not be only an adult movie star. And something that is referred to as a high selling value, is Maria Ozawa face. Behold, a beautiful face that is less suitable for people who have an occupation that can be practically controversial. It's something that is very unfortunate.
Maria Ozawa Beautiful Face
Did you know?, Maria Ozawa is also known as Miyabi Ozawa. She was born on January 8, 1986. Look at Maria Ozawa Beautiful Face on top picture, but don't look at what She did if You are Under 18. In general, Maria Ozawa has a beautiful face which looks natural and fresh. The naturalness on her face comparable to the natural face of Angel Locsin, and Maria Ozawa fresh face, just lose a little when compared to Miranda Kerr fresh face.

First, look at Maria Ozawa hair, no doubt to say her hair is so beautiful, her hair was clustered with strong and neat, with very little branching and scattered or fragmented, and it achieved a perfection on Maria Ozawa's straight black hair.
Maria Ozawa Beautiful Face
Switch to the skin of Maria Ozawa face, no spots or acne at all that makes her skin becomes mottled face, everything was so smooth and soft, even raises an aura: it's an Innocent Face!. Indeed, if remembered at her occupation, it becomes very contradictory.

Now, it's more and more engrossed on talking about Maria Ozawa beautiful face, indeed..., many adult film stars in the world, but Maria Ozawa is completely different. The difference is obvious: the beautiful face of Maria Ozawa, did not reflect the face of a -You know- star at all. Just show Maria Ozawa beautiful face pictures to people who do not recognize Maria Ozawa, They would ask very curious: "Tell me,...Who is this Beautiful Face?".
Maria Ozawa Beautiful Face
And Maria Ozawa face shape, it looks like a round face and sometimes slightly oval. A part on Maria Ozawa face which seems to have a standard of beauty is only her lips. Try to look at parts of her face thoroughly starting from: her chin, then to the jaw, nose, forehead. Then, the need for more focus to look is on: Maria Ozawa cheeks, eyes and eyebrows.
Maria Ozawa Beautiful Face
She has all the measures of beauty that above average or better than standard. Her brown eyes glistened as if to symbolize: the Maria Ozawa inside. And look at Maria Ozawa eyebrows, it still looks natural with just a little scraped. The last is her cheeks, it looked very soft and tender spotless, became a benchmark of general softness of Maria Ozawa beautiful face. Wonder, why did She do something that...?.

Maria Ozawa image source: mikeabundo photos-maria ozawa tags on Flickr by mikeabundo.


  1. she has acne scars... those were all just photoshops...

  2. manuel del carpioMarch 22, 2012

    simplemente hermosa aunque no me gusta que trabajes en la pornmogrfafia

  3. She knew it was the easiest way of earning money...


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