Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Look At Alicia Silverstone Beautiful Face

For those who do not know the news about the Beautiful Face Alicia Silverstone, especially the fans, it's good to really look at this quote:
Pete will be killed if the state can not find a home for him! His future is very uncertain right now, so I encourage everyone to visit the Save Pete the Moose website to sign the petition and see what else you can do to help...
It is a statement of Alicia Silverstone associated with the life of a moose, which threatened to die in Vermont. What was done by Alicia Siverstone, indirectly, will provide added value to the charm of Alicia Siverstone beauty.
Look At Alicia Silverstone Beautiful Face
Back to Look at Alicia Silverstone Beautiful Face, is Alicia Silverstone looks like a Moose? (Alicia, obviously I'm kidding...!). Look at Her Beautiful Eyes, the eyes of Alicia Silverstone looks very round and big, two things that make Alicia Silverstone glance will make people stunned and speechless. Look also at the long hair of Alicia Silverstone, as far as I know, her hair is never cut short (like a hair style of Keira Knightley). Because clearly, her long hair is one of the charms of Alicia Silverstone Beautiful Face.

And the last is Alicia Silverstone Lips, many people may call it by: Sexy or Sensual. But, look carefully, it was beautiful lips too, the lower lip is wider than the upper lip. And  necessary to note, that
Alicia Silverstone is very concerned with animal welfare. She's beautiful indeed!.

Alicia Silverstone Beautiful Face image source: Wikimedia.commons, authorized by Dave Meyers. Unfortunately, it's nominated for deletion since 20 November 2009.


  1. She looks so beautiful face.

  2. Wow this is a very pretty pic =)

  3. Alicia is indeed one of the most beautiful people on this planet.

  4. Ugly mouth indeed

  5. She is very pretty with a heart shaped face. Almost mistaken for an oval. Just like Maggie Lawson (Nancy Drew and Psych) who coincidentally look alot a like. Maggie Lawson also has heart shaped face too.


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