Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Look At Anne Hathaway Beautiful Face

Anne Hathaway was not voted as one of Oscar nominees at the 82nd Academy Awards, however, the Beautiful-looking Woman knows all the nomination. Simply, Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is an announcer at the announcement of the nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards. It is not easy to become announcer in this classy event, and Anne Hathaway can get through it.
Look At Anne Hathaway Beautiful Face
Big round eyes, long hair which hung gracefully, and thick eyebrows that arch and extends with very measured, it's always became a kind of absolute measure to a Beautiful Face. Look at Anne Hathaway Beautiful Face, She has all the main elements of it. Then look at Anne Hathaway Skin Face, very smooth and clean, as was never touched at all by anything. And the eye contact from Anne Hathaway, may be able to make yield the arrogance of people who looked into Anne Hathaway beautiful eyes.
Look At Anne Hathaway Beautiful Face
And look at Anne Hathaway cheeks, I guess, it must be flushed cheeks by itself, without having to add blush to beautify the face. One thing that may give less value on Anne Hathaway Beautiful Face, is her nose that looked like enlarged. Otherwise, it gives proportionality on the overall face of Anne Hathaway. Look for more at Anne Havocaway Beautiful Face.

Anne Hathaway Beautiful Face image source: zain's Gallery on Picasa Web Albums.


  1. She is beautiful and its nice to see her grow more graceful as she gets older.

  2. Anne's always been pretty. She has an egg shaped face like my cousin does If I could get really specific it would be a short egg, I have been studying face shapes for four years and I can identify them at a drop of a hat.Whether its a guy or a girl, pretty much anyone with an egg shaped face is beautiful. Like Hilary Duff or Daniel Radcliffe, if not him how about Jesse McCartney? Mandy Moore has the same shape too, but it's fuller like and eliptical shape. Too wide for an oval or a regular egg, but has the same pattern just draw a rectangle missing a top left corner. That's her shape. If you draw a square missing a top left corner, that's the structure of Anne's face.

  3. AnonymousJuly 23, 2014

    She has got a prettier profile to her nose than front ways.I love her soft brown eyes.


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