Friday, February 12, 2010

Look At Reese Witherspoon Beautiful Face

Look at this :
5,767,511 fans, the fans of Megan Fox on Facebook page.
327,365 fans for Reese Witherspoon, also on Facebook page til February 13th, 2010.

Now, look at this :
Academy Award for Best Actress, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress - Motion Picture. All of those prestigious awards belongs to Reese "June Carter Cash" Witherspoon.
At the same event, Megan Fox is still Zero.
Reese Witherspoon Beautiful Face
That is, it's perfectly natural, if Megan Fox has more fans, because obviously She was younger, hotter and sexier than Reese Witherspoon. But if it must be said: More beautiful, I do not think so, because it must be emphasized again that the Beautiful Face, was reflected in the achievement and intelligence. And that which has been shown by Reese "With her 327.365 fans" Spoon.

Look at Reese Witherspoon Face, it seems there is no superior beauty on her face, but look at the way Reese Witherspoon express for something, it's an expression which can only be done by Reese Witherspoon. If Reese Witherspoon was amazed or admired at something, the admiration which emanated from her face is a Real Admiration, not a string attached. For sure, just Look deeply at Reese Witherspoon Beautiful Face.
Reese Witherspoon Beautiful Face
But it does not mean that Reese Witherspoon does not have beautiful shapes on her face. And one thing that makes people always think of someone, is because there is something unique to that someone. Then, there are four unique or beautiful shapes on the Beautiful Face of Reese Witherspoon, which are Reese Witherspoon chin shape, jaw shape, forehead shape and the most identical with her self, is her legally blonde hair.

Reese Witherspoon Beautiful Face image sources: Reese Witherspoon at the premiere of Walk The Line 2005 and Reese Witherspoon in the Oval Office on June 25, 2009 on Wikimedia.commons. Authorized by Tony Shek and Globalgiants.


  1. more beautiful your blog background... :) I wonder who is she?

  2. Reese is so unique. Her features are so dominant, in a good way. I saw a picture of her daughter without knowing and thought it was a younger picture of Reese, SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE HER! They both have that triangular jaw, but having a heart shaped face. Just draw a big slope going from top left to bottom right, connect it with a small line horizontally, connect it going up with a line the length in between the first two lines (a small, not mini line) and form two parelel lines. I always start from the bottom when drawing a face shape and extend the left and right side going up.I started to develop her chin when I was younger-glad I didn't, it only suits her perfectly!


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