Sunday, February 21, 2010

Look At Scout Taylor Compton Beautiful Face

I think there are still many people who are not so familiar with the following actress who has a beautiful round face shape. Not just as an actress, Scout Taylor Compton was also a singer and had been a competitive swimmer, a talent that can be practically difficult to be performed by other celebrities. One thing, in this February 21, Scout Taylor Compton has 21 years of age. So, Happy Birthday Scout!.
Scout Taylor Compton Beautiful Face
Look at Scout Taylor Compton Beautiful Face, it looks chubby indeed, but that's what became her distinctiveness, her cheeks looked so adorable, and adds more rounded shape on her beautiful face. Look also at her jaw, as if She's like not having the jaw bone, so that it can be said that Scout Taylor Compton has the perfection on her round face shape. It's just like Drew Barrymore's face distinctiveness.

Scout Taylor Compton picture source: Wikimedia.commons's Scout Taylor Compton attending the 2007 Comic-Con in San Diego, California to promote her remake of Halloween, authorized by Lindsey8417.

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