Sunday, January 10, 2010

Look At Rachel Bilson Beautiful Face

Who is She? Who is this Beautiful Face?, maybe for You who had occasionally or regularly watch the TV series called The O.C., would recognize this Beautiful Face. It was She, who acted as Summer Roberts, and She is the Beautiful Rachel Bilson.
Rachel Bilson Beautiful Face
Let's start to Look at Rachel Bilson Beautiful Face, though the Lips of Rachel Bilson is still less beautiful than the Lips of Katrina Kaif, but look carefully and focus on Rachel Bilson eyes. A glance of Beautiful brown eyes, which actually was saying: "Hii Photographers..., I'm your friend,  So be free to shot on me...". Then, Look at Her Beautiful Nose. Her Nose bone was very straight, so it gives a perfection in sharping Rachel Bilson's nose beautifully.
Rachel Bilson Beautiful Face
Rachel Bilson chin also looks beautiful on upper image and her chin protrusion were very fit and measured on a heart face shape of the Beautiful Face, Rachel Bilson. Look at Her Beautiful Face, which looked more beautiful.

Rachel Bilson Beautiful Face sources: on Flickr uploaded by Friskytuna, and on Commons.wikimedia uploaded by Kaleb Tittle.

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  1. AnonymousJune 22, 2013

    Why in every post everyone has been compared with katrina kaif .She is so average with surgery.


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