Monday, August 9, 2010

Look At Leryn Franco Beautiful Face

Of the many professions that are owned by the sexy women who fall into the list of Top 99 Women 2009 on AskMen, professional women who most difference is a javelin thrower. Mostly, women who fall into the list are the entertainers, as actors, models and singers.

This becomes very interesting, because among many artists who became a symbol of sexiness on AskMen, which is more dominated by the model and actor, appeared a woman with a background that is relatively far to the aspect of sexiness and femininity, in this case is javelin thrower athlete. By associating in a simple, throwing javelin could make (one of its effects) the triceps brachii muscle (three-headed arm muscle) becomes enlarged.

But apparently, it does not apply to a Leryn Franco. Because of her body still looks sexy, even very sexy, and still implies the woman's elegance and the femininity. Could be, because of Leryn Franco is also a model and beauty pageant contestant. This could mean that there is a mixture of strength and beauty, as beauty in the style of Tanith Belbin, who was also included in the list of AskMen's Top 99 Women.

If her body was sexy, what about Leryn Franco's face?. Look at below Leryn Franco face image, her face is sexy as well, in terms of attractiveness. But actually, there are two things that are likely related to the sport that occupied by Leryn Franco, her beautiful face has the feel of masculinity and strength, which is causally, giving a very strong exotic nuances on Leryn Franco facial beauty.
Leryn Franco Beautiful Face
Leryn Franco Beautiful Face
Take a look at the way She looked, it seemed like a bit stiff. Which could be, its stiff look is actually the result generated by her countenance that looked very strong, in which, it is also influenced by the spotlight of her brown eyes and dark-brown hair. So it seems, there is still a quite close causal link, when the strength (sport) should be merged with the elegance-femininity (model and beauty pageant).

Wikipedia says: Leryn Dahiana Franco Steneri who was born on March 1, 1982 in Asunción, Paraguay combines her athletic endeavours with a career as a model and beauty pageant contestant. In 2006, She was runner-up Miss Universo Paraguay 2006. She participated at the Miss Bikini Universe pageant and also has her own calendar, which was shot in 2007 by Martin Crespo. She placed #86 in's 2009 "Top 99 Women" poll.

Image source: Leryn Franco on Flickr. Attribution: Tetsumo on Flickr.

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