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Look At Déborah François Beautiful Face

Again, a smile can make a woman's face became really looks beautiful, and when the woman's beautiful face is indeed the physical traits since She was born, with added a smile that appears, then people will call her: "She was an angel ...". And, perhaps this can serve as a simple formula: Beautiful face outwardly + Smile = Angel's face.

And below, could be an instance of an angel's face. She was Déborah François, and though She was a Belgian woman, but She has a different facial characteristic with Anne-Marie Ilie, another Belgian beautiful face. But also and definitely, they are equally beautiful face. And indeed, often the two faces of beautiful women are very different, but We can feel the same sense grade of its facial beauty.
Déborah François Beautiful Face
Déborah François Face (#1)
Almost certain that people will judge Déborah François face (especially image #1) is beautiful, because, although the beauty of a woman's face is subjective, but there is a kind of the same taste, which can be felt by everyone when looking at a beautiful woman's face. In a sense, there is a kind of universality. And that being different is assessing whether Déborah François face is cute or not.
Déborah François Beautiful Face
Déborah François Face (#2)
Well, it appears that Déborah François's face can be called by the term, Cute. However, where are actually facial elements that make Déborah François's face look cute?. Broadly speaking, there are three factors related to this;

1. Facial expressions. It seems clear that the happy facial expression, will become more associated to the cuteness look than the expression of silence, or grim. Compare Déborah François's face on the image #3 to the image #1, #2 and #4. Where, image #3 shows Déborah François's face in the most minimal expression, She does not look more cute, right?.

2. Facial parts (features), like nose, chin, cheeks and other. The tendency is that when a form (or shape) is small or shrinking, it will cause cuteness look as well. Look at Déborah François's face on the image #1, because of her smile, Déborah François cheeks became prominent (tapered blunt), as well as her chin, whereby, a smile would cause the facial muscles pulled. And, this is a cause of facial parts or facial features pointed, protruding or ramp. So in relative terms, the cuteness look will further lead to a small form, or minimal measurement and youthful as well.

3. Facial makeup and or style. In addition to the first two factors, facial makeup and or style could also affect the cute look on Déborah François's face, besides the beautiful look of course. On image #1, Déborah François hairstyle (do not know what kind of hairstyle is that...) which seemed to cluster just above her crown, became impressed disproportionate to Déborah François face shape, but, it also makes her visage became cute or have a funny look. And behold, Déborah François's face on the image #2 shows her in a hairstyle that is more proportionate, and as a result, Déborah François looks more beautiful but not cuter than her look on image #1. And if You think it is more cute, this is caused by her chin, nose, and cheekbones that appear more prominent--plus her jutted out lip, due to her pose in side view.
Déborah François Beautiful Face
Déborah François Face (#3)
There is little that can be used as an essence, a representation of Déborah François's cute face is on the image #1, Déborah François's beautiful face is on the image #2, and Déborah François's face that looked ordinary but more natural is the image #3. Sometimes the difference between a beautiful face with a cute face is very obvious, but sometimes, too, is very vague.
Déborah François Beautiful Face
Déborah François Face (#4)
Wikipedia says: Déborah François (born on 24 May 1987) is a Belgian actress. She starred in the Palme d'Or winning film L'Enfant (2005) playing the lead role of Sonya, La Tourneuse de Pages (2006), Les Femmes de l'Ombre (2008), Unmade Beds (2009) and My Queen Karo (2009). She lives in Paris, France, although She grew up in Liège, Belgium, attending the same high school as fellow actor Marie Gillain. The role in L'Enfant was the springboard of what has become a very successful career in French film.

Image source: Déborah François on Wikimedia. Attributions: Mireille Ampilhac, Thierry Caro and Kenji-Baptiste OIKAWA.

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