Monday, July 26, 2010

Katie Melua Straight Nose And Her Cleft Chin

This is the second post about a beautiful singer who is a descendant of Georgian-English, Katie Melua. So, let's take a look at Katie Melua beautiful face. As already mentioned in the first post, Katie Melua has a straight nose with a smooth surface on its nasal septum, in which, it is evident on Katie Melua face image below. And certainly, it is one of the elements that shape the nature of Katie Melua facial beauty outwardly.
Katie Melua Beautiful Face
Katie Melua Beautiful Face
Katie Melua Straight Nose And Her Cleft Chin
Katie Melua Straight Nose And Her Cleft Chin
In addition to the straight-nosed, there is another facial part that become Katie Melua facial distinctiveness, namely Katie Melua Cleft Chin. This Katie Melua cleft chin became one of the attractions that will keep people's attention is always interested to look on it. Cleft chin is a facial feature, which is derived from parent.

Celebrities who also have a cleft chin is Sandra Bullock and Kirsten Dunst. But there can be, cleft chin is also a result of a facial plastic surgery, considering that facial plastic surgery has become a very common thing among celebrities, in which also triggered by increasingly sophisticated cosmetic technology. But basically, the beauty of Katie Melua's face radiates from the skin of her face that looked so smooth and soft.

Just look above, what a Beautiful Face!.

Image source: Katie Melua on Wikimedia, Attribute to: Ernst Vikne.

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