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Look At Demi Moore Beautiful Face

Two of the most horrendous facts of Demi Moore is, First, She is with Bruce Willis was once considered as the most lasting and harmonious couples in Hollywood, which was then turned 180 degrees since they divorced in 2000. Second, Demi Moore marrying a man who was much younger than herself, He's Ashton Kutcher. And their age difference is 16 years old!. Two facts that it seems quite extreme.

Let's begin to Look at Demi Moore Beautiful Face (#1). Like Michelle Pfeiffer, who was virtually the same age as Demi Moore, the signs of aging are already very visible, especially her facial skin that is starting wrinkles. However, the sign of beauty on Demi Moore face is still quite noticeable, especially on Demi Moore nose shape, the combination or blend of her facial features and Demi Moore facial proportion.
Demi Moore Beautiful Face
Demi Moore Beautiful Face #1
Look at Demi Moore Beautiful Face on aspect of hair color that collided with her facial skin color, this blend to be the first impression that emerged from her face, which can be caught by people who look at it. Hereinafter, this became the main charm of Demi Moore's facial beauty. This first impression is also reinforced by dark color of Demi Moore eyebrows and eyelash, two facial features that are indeed the main element to determine the hairstyle, beside face shape.

Eye gaze is a highly influential element of the beauty of a face, either the eye color factor as well as the effects. Demi Moore has eyes in which the size is not big (since many people think that big eye is beautiful just as Aishwarya Rai's eyes), but Demi Moore green eye color to produce an eye gaze that could touch the heart of people are being looked at by her. Related to this, look at Demi Moore eyes and its gaze on Demi Moore beautiful face image #1, #2 and #3.
Demi Moore Beautiful Face
Demi Moore Beautiful Face #2
The People reported that there are Five Fun Facts about Demi Moore. And the 1st fact is:

Demi Moore uses leeches to cleanse and detoxify. "These aren’t just swamp leeches. We're talking about highly trained medical leeches," She said during an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman. "These are not just some low-level scavengers; We’re talking high-level blood-suckers."

What is to talk about here is not about how horrible the fact above, but could be, strange beauty tips that have been performed by Demi Moore is quite effective. So as to produce a comely nose shape when viewed frontally, look at Demi Moore beautiful face on image #1, her nose was narrow and not widen or swell. The similar comeliness can also be found on the chin shape of Demi Moore when She smiled (image #3). This image also shows how comely Demi Moore chin shape when smiles.
Demi Moore Beautiful Face
Demi Moore Beautiful Face #3
(Below is an additional image of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, at 61st Annual Academy Awards, 1989. It shows the face look of Demi Moore when She aged of 27).
Demi Moore Beautiful Face
Demi Moore Beautiful Face #4
Although She was almost 48 years and has given birth three times, but Demi Moore has maintained the proportion of face. It can be seen from the facial parts as the main features for shaping the face, including forehead, jaw, cheekbones and chin. And it's just a Maybe, Ashton Kutcher fell in love with Demi Moore, because of Demi Moore is keen-witted in how to look at a man (face). Just look at how Demi Moore looking at Ashton Kutcher on image #5 below, It was very thrilling the heart.
The Way of Demi Moore Looking at Ashton Kutcher
The Way of Demi Moore Looking at Ashton Kutcher (#5)
In essence, the Peak Beauty of Demi Guynes Kutcher's face (pronounced /dɨˈmiː/; born November 11, 1962) was when Demi Moore acted as Molly Jensen in Ghost (1990). In fact, numerous of girls in the world to imitate Molly Jensen's hairstyle.

Image source: Demi Moore on Wikimedia. Attributes to: David Shankbone, TechCrunch50-2008, Cliff and Alan Light.


  1. Thanks a lot!!!!
    So Gooood Page..….
    NIce post

  2. who cares that she married someone 16 years younger? men do it all the time. it's ridiculous that it even matters. she looks good... it's not like it was some harold and maude situation. (even if it were, who would we be to judge?) she's a gorgeous woman and ashton is lucky to have her. age doesn't matter!

  3. That guy messed up "BIG TIME". Demi Moore is one of the hottest females I've seen.

    Not sure why Bruce Willis let her slip away either.

  4. She deserves better. She does have a pretty face heart, round and flat. Very unique.

  5. She is a wonderful actress who has given us years of pleasure watching her films. He is a has been movie newbie struggling to stay on tv and earn enough money to keep the life style he enjoyed with Demi. She is beautiful and should be relieved that she is rid of this boy.

  6. AnonymousJuly 08, 2013

    Age has nothing to do with it. Demi looks better with age! Most younger women these days may not have wrinkles but they still are not that attractive (I know Im still in college). Most younger women use too much makeup and ruin their skin. They just don't take care of themselves as much amd natural beauty is rare. Being young does not mean beautiful. Beautiful is something you just are regardless of age. Demi Moore and Michelle Pfeifer are more beautiful than 90% of women in their 20s and 30s.


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