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Look At Isabel Figueira Beautiful Face

Her name is Ana Isabel Teixeira Laranjo Figueira, She was a model, a TV presenter, and She is a Portuguese woman. Maybe her face is a representation of Portuguese women facial beauty. Her slim face is also a typical face of a model, such as the face of Emina Cunmulaj.
Look At Isabel Figueira Beautiful Face
Look at Isabel Figueira Beautiful Face, her face, especially in the picture above, looks so delicious to the eye. Isabel Figueira's face suggests the tenderness, truly feminine, and looks very graceful. Despite that indeed, this is strongly influenced by the way She was posing, makeup, and hair that was fully tied and pulled backwards. Thus, all features on her face were clearly visible. One of them, the style of Isabel Figueira eyebrows that stretched and curved.

Tenderness that emanated from Isabel Figueira's face, one of them, comes from Isabel Figueira eyes. With the eye size in which it's not big, her eye beam becomes not sharper, but it feels very tender for those who stare at Isabel Figueira facial beauty.

Isabel Figueira's face also has a section with a dominant character, this section is the shape of Isabel Figueira nose. Look, her nose is really sharp, her nose root looked high and far from the type of depress. And, from her high nose root, this shape continues to sharpen to the tip of her nose and all are in scaled. By relevant, Isabel Figueira nose shape became one of the peculiarities of her facial beauty. (This article's image also shows how sharp is Isabel Figueira nose).
Isabel Figueira's High Nose Root
And it becomes something unique, with a typical nose as You can see, look, Isabel Figueira nose was impressed masculine and sturdy. However, all the impression of her masculine nose, could be offset by the strong tender nuances of Isabel Figueira other facial features, like her smooth jaw line, her sloping cheek, her chin, her flat forehead and by her mature tied hairstyle.

In addition, Isabel Figueira was born on October 21, 1980, She has brown-light, both hair color and eye color. Isabel Figueira appeared to ads such as: Bio Ritmo, Corporation Dermostética, Forum Almada, Lion of Porches, Oni, Renault, Telecel Vodafone, Triumph and many more.

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