Thursday, July 8, 2010

Look At Orsi Kocsis Beautiful Face

There are two words that fit to associate the figure of Orsi Kocsis. The first word: Beautiful, while the second said: Wearing only a smile (please read: naked or nude). Furthermore, if the two words are linked in an interrogative sentence, is as follows: Why did She have to appear naked, whereas, She was a beautiful face?. While there is a fairly ridiculous assumption out there that when a woman is truly beautiful-faced, then She has had almost half the capital to live on, in terms of mingle (socializing). Simplified, a man naturally like a beautiful-faced woman who then a man would do anything to get her. That is, the (beautiful-faced) woman does not need to appear naked or, to be a nude model.
Orsi (Orsolya) Kocsis Beautiful Face
Look at Orsi Kocsis beautiful face with reference to the image above, Orsi Kocsis has all the elements or features required for a woman beautiful face. Even only with a close-up face above, it was enough for men to enjoy Orsi Kocsis's facial beauty, without having to show off her body. Orsi Kocsis has dark brown hair that looks classy with its hair parted on the right side, so that parts of her thick hair on her left side head, looks hovering gently over her left side face while forming a graceful arc. At the same time, openly displaying her beautiful right side facial features.

By looking at the right side of Orsi Kocsis face, it can be read clearly that all the facial features which are owned by the Gorgeous Orsi Kocsis, is proportional in a high grade. Orsi Kocsis has a flat forehead but not transcendental, which makes the flick of her left side hair looks elegant, and, making a nice-looking style thin eyebrows, just look at her right eyebrow. From Orsi Kocsis eyebrows to the middle and down, found a nose root with a height is very fitting, then slightly convex at the point of dorsum, slightly concave back, and finally pointed right at the nose tip. And, Orsi Kocsis does not have a widened fibro-fatty tissue on her nose. It's an angelic nose.

From nose down to the lips, Orsi Kocsis lips are not only beautiful, but also able to provide the ideal proportion to Orsi Kocsis overall facial beauty. Line feature caused by her thin lips, if You really watched at her face above, seemed in tune with her nasal bone line, eyebrows, jaw line that connects fine to the tip of Orsi Kocsis chin. In which was then refined by a little cleft on her chin.

All straight and curve line features are caused either by Orsi Kocsis lips, nose, eyebrows, jaws, chin and alar groove, looks so matched with superficies features on Orsi Kocsis cheeks and forehead. If in allusion, this is like the Sahara desert that forms mounds of sand that extends, in which each peak of the mound looked striped and winding lovely.

This is the most beautiful look of the face of Orsi Kocsis, who is also caused by glance of her gray eyes, and by the peach-rose nuance on her cheeks and lipstick color. Behold, Orsi Kocsis's beautiful facial feature is almost similar to the Woman Face at top corner of this blog.

Thus the Hungarian woman facial beauty as represented on the Orsi Kocsis beautiful face. However this is still pursed in a question, when Orsi Kocsis beautiful face has been able to enchant the world, Why Orsi Kocsis had to appear "wearing only a smile"?.

Sourced from Wikipedia: Orsi Kocsis (pronounced “OR-she KO-chish”; given birth name Orsolya “or-SHOL-yah”) is a Hungarian fashion, glamour, and art nude model and was 2005's Hungarian Playmate of the Year, which She won by audience election as a special prize. She has also been featured as a cover girl on Maxim, CKM and Penthouse.

Orsolya (Orsi) Kocsis was born in Debrecen, Hungary on September 6, 1984 and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism and Hospitality via a correspondence program. The Hungarian edition of Playboy features Kocsis as cover girl for a second time in June of 2010, and She has been selected by several organizations as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Image source: Orsi Kocsis 2007 CKM Party image on Wikimedia. Attribution: David Kulcsar.

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