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Look At Thandie Newton Beautiful Face

In the year 2009 has been released a movie that is phenomenal and quite controversial. 2012, that's the title of the movie. The story is about the Day of Judgement. The spectators were treated to by the multitude of disasters that struck the earth, which is triggered by the largest eruption on the sun in history. From fiery meteors that destroy Yellowstone, powerful earthquake that cut through California, magma bubbling to the surface of earth, Tsunami to drown Himalaya in Tibet, and many more scenes that make the spectators cringe.

However, there is a beautiful and intelligent figure peeking out between scenes of that terrible disaster, namely the figure of Dr. Laura Wilson, the US President's daughter. It also spreads an aroma of romanticism that makes the spectators feel left out. We were warned by the Beautiful Face, Thandie Newton.
Thandie Newton Beautiful Face
Thandiwe Adjewa "Thandie" Newton (born 6 November 1972) is an English  actress. She has appeared in a number of successful British and American films, including The Pursuit of Happyness, Run, Fat Boy, Run, Mission: Impossible II, Crash, 2012, and W. Newton was born in London, England, and is the daughter of Nyasha, a Zimbabwean health-care worker, and Nick Newton, an English laboratory technician and artist.

The name "Thandiwe" means "beloved" in Ndebele, Zulu, Xhosa or Swazi, and "Thandie" is pronounced /ˈtændi/ TAN-dee in English. According to Newton, her mother is a Zimbabwean Shona Princess. Raised in London and Penzance, Cornwall, She went on to study Archaeology and Anthropology at Downing College, Cambridge, from 1992 to 1995, where She achieved a 2:1.

Based upon the above facts about Thandie Newton, there are two essential points:
1. Thandie Newton is a beautiful woman of African descent race, She is a Zimbabwean woman.
2. She achieved a 2:1 for her study at Downing College, Cambridge, in the field of Archaeology and Anthropology.
These two points were then absorbed into one and reflected on the Thandie Newton beautiful face. Meaning that, with She achieved a 2:1 is an indication that She is an intelligent woman (just look closely at the eye spotlight on Thandie Newton face), and Thandie Newton facial features reflect the facial beauty of an African woman.
Thandie Newton Beautiful Face
A beautiful face, basically, is a result of an integration of many parts of the face. And here are facial features that, at least, produce the style of facial beauty of Thandie Newton:
1. Face shape, with strong and protruding jaws and looked dominant, then Thandie Newton face shape is Square.
2. Nose depressed, it can be seen at Thandie Newton nose root and dorsum, and resulted in Thandie Newton's nose looks flat and rather broad. Also caused by her widened alar cartilage.
3. Eye color, Thandie Newton has dark brown eyes. In addition to her intelligence that radiates from her eye spotlight, her dark brown eyes also implies maturity.
4. Jutted out lips, when looked at as a whole on Thandie Newton beautiful face, then Thandie Newton's lip looked small and superior value is at its jutted out feature.
5. Thin eyebrows, just one word for Thandie Newton eyebrows style, it's fashionable.
6. Round and rather broad forehead plus a little pointy chin. These two features make Thandie Newton's face shape is sometimes changed into a heart-shaped.
7. Rather prominent cheek bones, besides it makes Thandie Newton face is sometimes look heart, this feature is also a point of balance and harmony along with: the tip of her chin, tip of nose, forehead's center point (Look at right Thandie Newton face below).
Thandie Newton Beautiful Face
As well as Beyonce Knowles's facial beauty, which also included a woman from the African race, Thandie Newton beautiful face looks more natural with the hair tied up and fully drawn back.

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  1. She's got great bone structure and gorgeous, honey-colored skin. She has lost too much weight in the past few years.


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