Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Look At Natália Guimarães Beautiful Face

Natália Guimarães Beautiful FaceNatália Guimarães Beautiful FaceNatália Guimarães Beautiful Face And Smile
Precisely on December 25, 1984, a date which is the day of Christmas, Natália Guimarães was born. She is a former Miss Universe Brazil, by setting aside 26 other contestants from states and the Federal District, Brasília in the year 2007. In addition, Natália Guimarães is also a model, actress and TV Host.

At the Miss Universe pageant in 2007, Natália Guimarães won the first runner-up or right under the winner from Japan, the Miss Universe 2007, Riyo Mori. For the assessment category of Swimsuit, the score for Natália Guimarães is 9,560, and the score for Riyo Mori was 9,599. While the category of Evening Glown, 9,599 is the score for Natália Guimarães, while, Riyo Mori scored with a significant difference, 8,943.

That is, Natália Guimarães only lost a bit of Riyo Mori, with the difference in scores is very small. Which may be, there are many other assessment category in the Miss Universe pageant. And behold, Natália Guimarães is a really beautiful face. Her face was very Motherly in the image on top, with typical round-shaped face.
Natália Guimarães Beautiful Face And Big SmileNatália Guimarães Beautiful Face, Cute Facial Look
What is clear, not just a round shape and the reflection of motherhood, which makes Natália Guimarães's face looks beautiful, but is also influenced by many other facial features (distinctiveness). Among them are:

1. Natália Guimarães has dimple on her cheeks, where, to give an attractiveness to its chubby.

2. She's got her temple bone and nasal bone, which are both prominent.
With prominent temple bone, the style of Natália Guimarães eyebrows is to become more pronounced, which in turn makes her eyes area became more shady, because it is more inward.

While her prominent nasal bone, is another term for sharp nose bone with a very straight line, which is connected without a break, from the nose tip to the temple. Furthermore, producing a curved shape which will be very visible when viewed from the side (2nd and 3rd image from top).

3. She has a wide mouth or oral anatomy.
Although Natália Guimarães is a thin-lipped, but She has a wide oral anatomy, especially on her gingivae (gums) structure which shown wide horizontally. Scientifically, this causes Natália Guimarães's smile also seemed wide and loose. And raised dimple in the cheek, because its cheek muscles to be withdrawn. And by itself, the rows of white teeth that are very neat, it become more apparent.

While common facial features that also affect Natália Guimarães facial beauty are:

1. Brown eyes

2. Smooth facial skin, the top is image of Natália Guimarães at fashion show of Crystal Fashion 2008, her face actually sweating, but its facial skin still looks smooth and clean.

3. Curved feature on four facial sections which are dominant; the chin, jaw, forehead and cheekbones.

Very likely and scientifically, Natália Guimarães has a face that is more beautiful than Gisele Caroline Bündchen's.

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