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Look At Anna Paquin Beautiful Face

Anna Paquin Beautiful Face Without Make-Up In Side View
Unforgettable moment for her was when She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1994 at the age of 11. Because of her role as Flora McGrath in a film about a mute pianist, The Piano. Also, it brings Anna Helene Paquin was recorded as the second youngest winner in history.

But afterwards, her acting achievement could be said declining, along with her popularity as a female celebrity is also somewhat decreased when compared to the popularity of other actresses such as Megan Fox and Jessica Alba. But not so with her face, because Anna Paquin really looks beautiful when She characterized as Rogue in X-Men, especially with her silvery white front-side hair.

Look at Anna Paquin beautiful face on top picture, it was Anna Paquin facial look without make-up. Can clearly be seen that her face looked fresh, though on the other hand, her face is not so flawless. Not infrequently, men also like women face because of a reason that can only be understood by themselves. Look, Anna Paquin's cheek and chin skin looks reddening. There will be many men will say, it is beautiful!.

Anna Paquin also has a cupid's bow on her upper lip with a distinct line (firm), it will facilitate her to polish it with a lipstick. Where in fact, a firm cupid's bow is indeed beautiful, because if it truly resembles a bow, it will have a curved feature. And a curved feature, is a clear example of the golden ratio on woman face.
Anna Paquin Beautiful Face Frontal View ViewAnna Paquin Beautiful Face In Side View
While the forehead of Anna Paquin can be classed as a standard forehead, in a sense, when viewed from the side, it would have looked a little flat but not convex (or round). What about the nose shape? Anna Paquin's nose shape is included in the grade of beautiful, or sexy, or attractive. Because, when viewed frontally, not widened (read the Characteristics of Female Beautiful Face).

Anna Paquin beautiful face is typical of a facial beauty, which its beauty could only be assessed or be read as a whole, as a face entity. She has no facial feature of a truly distinctive, such as Angelina Jolie with her lips, Aishwarya Rai with her eyes, or Kirsten Dunst with her dimples. Except for her silvery white front-side hair in the character of Rogue.

Currently, Anna Paquin was still acting as Sookie Stackhouse in a famous TV series, True Blood. There is an interesting fact related to Anna Paquin (Face). She used as a theme song by The Brothers Streep, a South African band that is a big fan of Anna Paquin. The song titled "Anna Paquin's Face Scrunching" was played by Graham Norton in an interview with Anna Paquin, in the Graham Norton Show. This song is enough to make her giggle.

And did You know that there is a unique thing on Anna Paquin's beautiful giggle at that show?, It turns out, there is a wide gap between Anna Paquin two upper teeth. Could be, it is her distinctiveness.

Image source: Anna Paquin on Wikimedia, Attribute to: Kristin Dos Santos and Alotofmillion on Flickr.


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    gap in tooth distracts from her beauty GREATLY!


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