Monday, June 7, 2010

Look At Cindy Lee Beautiful Face

Korean, Japanese, Russian or many other in the world, they have a distinct culture including the Handwriting. Their distinctive culture are also reflected in its anthroponymy. And the woman below, also has three different names, namely Li Siya, also known as Lee Si-Nga, or also with the international name of Cindy Lee.
Cindy Lee Distinctive Beautiful Face
Cindy Lee is a Hong Kong woman who was born on December 9, 1985, which meant her name is anthroponymy of China. Cindy Lee is a woman who has a fairly wide range of occupational, She was a tennis player, golfer, singer, actor, and host. This occupational diversity has become a sort of trend among celebrities in Asia.

Now look at her face, do not get to judge whether Cindi Lee is a beautiful-looking or not. Because of the obvious, Cindy Lee has a fairly attractive facial distinctiveness, namely her nose with its long shape. If a beautiful shape of a nose is usually a concave curved nose and pointed just like Megan Fox's one, then the nose shape of Cindy Lee is the opposite.

Where Cindy Li Siya has a long nose with a convex point, which is right in the center of the nasal bone. It is quite difficult to say that it is generally beautiful, but clearly, it is the Exotic nose. In addition, like most women from East Asia, Cindy Lee has eyes with non-double eyelids, small lips and sparse or thin eyebrows.

Beside that Beauty is Subjective, the main charm of Cindy Lee's facial beauty, is in fact represented on her long nose, although less proportional to the overall face. And Cindy Lee is a woman with a mixture of oblong and oval shaped face.

Image source: Cindy Lee on Wikimedia, released under Public Domain by Queen Productions.

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