Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You Really Don't Have To Change Your Face Shape

Sometimes there's just a question that is quite unique, or arguably funny. And the question was simple: How to change into an oval face?. But in relative terms, the question can not be blamed, because in today's everything becomes possible. Yes, one way is with a facial plastic surgery. But that was too extreme and risky is not it?.

Sure, beautify the face is the right of all people, in this case women. But, whether the need to change the face shape. Face shape is one of the structures on the human head, which is outward or congenital. If We do have to beautify the face, do in the most simple and possible way. I.e. by making the face shape as the basic element for determining facial features of an appropriate or proportionate to the face itself.

Because only the facial features that can significantly beautify the face physically. By referring to face shapes, in turn, can be determined hairstyle, eyebrow styles, and even potentially could be determined also the color of lipstick, mascara, the type of jewelry, eyeglasses and many others. Because both face shape and facial features are things that are physical. So that could be scientifically measured or identified the level of its beauty. And it is inverted when using facial features to determine (change) the face shape.

And if You do not have a face shape that is proportional, or symmetrical, remember that when the face shape is not proportional, it does not mean bad or ugly. But it has unique characteristics, which are often referred to as Exotic face. Just list the 10 most influential Bollywood actress, there would be Kareena Kapoor's name among them. Since Kareena Kapoor has an unusual face, namely Hexagonal Face. But with her hexagonal face, She has succeeded in animating the character of Kaurwaki in Asoka.

The easiest way and it makes sense to change the face shape is to diet. A simple example, a round face is strongly influenced by the cheeks, besides zygomatic bone and jaw bone. When fat is reduced or lost, the face shape will change. Moreover, it is the growth of facial bone and skull, but rose only happen at a certain age.

So, any face shape We have, not We who judge its beauty, but others. And other people have an entirely different perspective, because Beauty is very subjective.


  1. AnonymousJune 09, 2010

    Interesting website.

    There are so many different types of beauty in this world and your site appears to offer a variety examples of what can be considered beautiful in terms of the face.

    Speaking as a straight woman, I personally find the faces of Serbian and Montenegrin women stunning. But I am biased because that is what I am. I also think that Russian and Hungarian women have beautiful and exotic facial features.

    What I would suggest is that you do a monthly post where you focus on the distinct beauty of women from a particular country (i.e. what makes them unique beauty wise).

    One other suggestion, while the look of your site is great the black background with the white lettering is tough on a lot of people's eyes including myself. I would change that to a light background with dark lettering. It is much easier on the eyes.

    Also, I came across your website by accident otherwise I probably would never found it. I have never seen it before. I am not sure what other websites you are linked to but getting a larger audience sometimes requires hooking your site up with other major/frequently visited sites (i.e. perhaps some of the gossip sites).

    Other than that good luck with your site.


  2. Thanks You So Much Vanessa...

    A lot of suggestion from You, means that You can catch the essence of my blog. You know, there are a lot of ideas lies in my mind, but sometimes it's just a bit hard to explore and pour in articles. I'm not a beauty expert. Also, my everyday language is not English. See, many un-appropriate grammars are still appear in this blog.

    Sometimes I also feel difficult to find the beauty distinctiveness of a person. Now i just know that facial beauty is a Huge Mystery.

    Thanks once more for paying attention on my blog.

    Good luck to You too Vanessa...

  3. AnonymousJune 07, 2011

    I find your blog very interesting snd so direct to the point. Here is where you can say that this is very realistic which could make it very interesting blog. I enjoyed reading the articles here. I also believe that each has it's own beauty. I am a Filipino and I'm glad many of Filipino celebrities were included here.

  4. I agree with them. I'm tired of people photoshopping pictures to match the golden ratio. It's fake and takes away the uniqueness of models and actresses. You capture people's natural beauty wonderfully.


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